Grounding the Next Generation

“Yoga is learning and trusting. Yoga is for life. Yoga is life. Live it. “ Allessandra 5th grade

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you had been introduced to yoga as a child? Instead of halfhearted games of dodgeball and four squares, what if PE class was asana class, with a focus on the practice of yoga off the mat as well? Consider the possibilities for humanity if schools across our country focused on teaching kids early to get really grounded in their potential, to see the beauty in every moment, and to see themselves as co-creators of their lives… Sound like something that could only happen in San Francisco? Maybe ten years ago. But watch out world, the south is rising, like a Phoenix from the ashes of a tragic and beautiful past.

Atlanta, Georgia’s Cheryl Crawford, Amy Haysman, and Tiffany Morgan took this wondering beyond speculation and into action with Grounded, Anusara-inspired yoga for kids and teens. Based on the principle that elevation comes from first getting grounded, Cheryl and Amy are changing the world as they train yoga teachers and educators to bring yoga to their classrooms. The state of Georgia even recently approved two of Grounded’s courses as PLU (Professional Learning Unit) credits for GA educators.

This summer, we are SO lucky to have two upcoming Grounded trainings in the southeast! If you are an educator, a yoga teacher, yoga practitioner, parent, work with kids or know any young people you should definitely check these out!

Grounded for 24 Hours-  July 11th -14th, Woodstock, GA *Includes “Get Grounded in the Classroom”- 1 PLU for educators.

Get Grounded – Charleston, SC, August 6th-7th

Brantley got a chance to chat with Cheryl via email last week. She wrote,

Simply put, Grounded is a program designed to help kids align themselves and feel better inside and out through Yoga, Laughter , and Elevation.  At Grounded we not only teach yoga but aim to empower the students so that they have the confidence and strength to go out into the world to not only share their skills but to be a calming influence on all those they interact with.

Firmly rooted in the principles of Anusara yoga, we focus on breathing, alignment, and strength but do so in an engaging and playful way.  We are very careful not to compromise on the core principles and technical aspects of yoga in order to make it more appealing to younger students.  We believe that if you put the trust in them, they will rise, or elevate to  meet the challenge.  For example, with our Quest for Elevation program, trainees work to reach higher and higher levels of expertise, as signified by colored bandana’s, based on their ability to not only master the poses but teach them to others as well.  Through this, they realize the calming benefits of yoga, and build the confidence to take on anything that may challenge them on and off the mat…in a word they become Grounded.

Having seen first hand the benefits yoga can bring to the classroom, one of our goals is to have a Grounded certified teacher in each and every school.  We have developed the 24 Hours of Being Grounded training course.  This course is aimed at students who want to teach yoga to kids and teens.  During the 24 hours of being grounded, trainees will discover how to Ground themselves, growing deeper in their own practice and teaching abilities. They wi’l learn the 84 poses of the Grounded Elevator Series, the associated pose sequence and the benefits and applications for all. Additionally they will participate in two Grounded classes, learn how to start a Yoga Club and implement our ground breaking Quest For Elevation Program.”

Thank you Cheryl! I’ve been perusing the Grounded website while writing this post.When asked, “What does yoga mean to you?”, the little yogis’ replies say it all. Yoga CAN change the world. Namaste y’all!

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One Response to Grounding the Next Generation

  1. I am so happy Cheryl, Amy and Tiffany have started this program for kids and teens. A comprehensive program is something that I think many yoga teachers envision. These ladies have developed one that works and can be implemented on the local level all over the country. I am very happy to announce that Mags Maurice, a Grounded teacher will be bringing Grounded to Charlotte this fall, 2011 at Be Yoga on East Blvd. As the Anusara Yoga Director of Be and owner of Sangati Yoga in Charlotte, I am thrilled that Mags will be a big part of bringing more LOVE into our city and world.
    Thanks so much for this article! Way to go Namaste Y’all Yoga kids rock the world!
    Sincerely, Sarah Faircloth