Learn how to fly!!

As a kid i always had this dream that one day i could spread my wings and fly! Unfortunately very soon i realized we as humans don’t have the ability to fly and i forgot about my dream. Sometimes i caught a glimpse of what it must feel like when i ‘flew’ to a holiday destination but, although amazing, it wasn’t the real deal at all! So i forgot again……


Many years and even more forgotten dreams later i found yoga. I bumped into this challenging arm balance called Crow/Crane Pose. Named after two beautiful birds, my teacher told me i could actually learn how to fly i the pose….yes…. FLY!! like a crow or crane…that sounded like music to the ear so i set out to learn how to fly!


Crow/Crane Pose is often called the gateway to all arm balances. When you are able to do this pose, you will be able to do all the other arm balances with ease 😉 It’s not an easy pose to learn (i’m still learning!) but when you follow the steps below and practice on a regular base you will find that balance, gain more arm-and core strength and eventually learn how to fly! Enjoy your Crow/Crane Pose journey and may all your dreams come true


Ready for take-off……..


1.Begin in seated squat, knees pressing into the arms, hands namaste. Inhale lengthen your spine, exhale place your hands, shoulder width, in front of you.

2. Now focus on creating a strong firm foundation! Lift the knees up and create a lock between the knees and your arms. Knees come to the upper outer arms and press in strongly. Hug your thighs in and round your back using your abdominal strength by scooping in your navel and lifting your belly up!

3. While squeezing your knees, hugging in your elbows and rounding up through your belly, take your elbows forward over your wrists. Move your chest forward a bit and try lifting one leg. If this feels comfortable try lifting the other leg. Really try to squeeze in and up even more and lift your heels as close as possible to the buttocks. Keep yourself really tucked tight! (this is Crow Pose)

Eventually (a lot more arm-and core strength later) try straightening your arms in the pose (Crow will become Crane) and fly away!!

Have fun trying! Xx

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