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Our First Featured Instructor…

Finally, Namaste Y’all features a local yoga instructor! Betterton Wallace interviewed one of Chattanooga’s beloved teachers, Jenny Mac Merrill, and wrote all about it here. If you are a yogi living in Chatty and have never experienced one of Jenny … Continue reading

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Out of the box and it taught me devotion

Hatha yoga itself is a practice in stretching the limits of our physical bodies, and feeling better as a result. We willingly put ourselves into shapes that are definitely out of the box of our typical couch-asana, keyboard-asana lifestyles. We … Continue reading

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Partner Yoga and One Love

Kendall and I have been teaching partner yoga workshops for three years now and have attended such workshops for years before we began teaching. As both a student and teacher of partner yoga, I always feel a wonderful shift in group … Continue reading

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Some time ago I was introduced to the idea that contrast (that which is displeasing or that which we would change) in our lives should be embraced rather than despised, and that without this contrast our dreams in the truest … Continue reading

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Paddleboards Invite Yoga on the Water

Ever heard of SUP yoga? No, not yoga before or after a session of stand-up paddleboarding— yoga ON the board! Our Chattanooga friends at Zuddhi Yoga have created quite a buzz with this floating yoga. Contributor to Namaste y’all, Betterton … Continue reading

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