(Chair Pose, Powerful Pose, Fierce Pose)

“At the core level, Utkatasana teaches you how to find your seat of power within your pelvis, at the center of your body.” Shiva Rea

One of my favourite Asana’s is Utkatasana. A very powerful, strong pose that creates a lot of energy in the pelvis region and strengthens the legs and core a lot! It is also a nice stretch for the shoulders and chest and stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm and heart.

The tendancy in the pose is, as in lots of Yoga poses, to ‘hang’ into the lower back too much and pop out the front ribs. These actions can cause the vertebrae in the lower back to compress and overtime there is a big chance you will hurt your lower back.

To prevent yourself from injury follow the steps below and get yourself into a safe Utkatasana:

• Begin standing, feet hip width apart or big toes touching eachother.
Sides of the feet are parallel to the mat.

• Bend your knees (as if sitting in an imaginary chair) scoop the tailbone
under, sitbones pointing back and wide. The torso will lean slightly
forward until it forms a right angle with the tops of the tighs.

• Lift the low belly in and up and on an inbreath circle the arms overhead,
reaching for the sky. (you can also press palms together or hold hands
namaste in front of the chest)

• Look down at your feet. You should be able to see your toes! If not,
shift the pelvis to the back.

• On an exhale press the navel to the spine and sink deeper into the pose.

• Stay here for 5 breaths and come out of the pose by straightening your
knees with an inhalation, lifting strongly through the arms. Exhale and
release your arms to the sides.

Feel the power of the pose, enjoy and benefit the energy throughout the whole body!!

Have fun trying!


Jutri Xx

Jutri Herman

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