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Brantley and Kendall Beene-Crowder

We are partners in life and yoga who have spent much of our 18 years together on the road. Over the course of our travels, we have lived all over the USA but find ourselves growing roots in the southeastern US, the region of our births.

These years of traveling have given us a perspective that has created a strong desire to see the yoga community begin to connect on a large scale. We believe in one yoga, and feel like the world could use a little more unity and a little less focus on differences. Practically, we both try to squeeze in at least one visit to a studio anytime we are on the road, and we have often wished for a one-stop, updated regional yoga directory that offers practical information about local studios.

Out of these desires birthed namastey’all.org! We focus on the southeastern US primarily because this region alone provides plenty of work for us, and because it is reasonable to believe that yogis within this geographic region could begin to get curious about each other and begin to recognize the amazing teachers and studios that exist in our own backyard!

Our traveling spirit has been somewhat grounded over the past few years by two babies who are now ready to sow some ramblin oats themselves. So, we have decided to embark on a family journey visiting as many yoga studios in the southeastern states as possible, blogging about the beauty we find on this site, while at the same time informing you of all the great yoga happenings across the South.  This journey has slowly begun. When you browse a city on our site, you will find for now that most of our directory consists of links to studio websites, with a brief description of the offerings of that studio.  Studios with photos and full write-ups are the places we have been so far. With time this will continue to grow, and we hope to spend summer 2011 on the road, so look for us in your area…


Melissa Smith

About Melissa
After teaching in the group fitness world since 1991, I began practicing primarily yoga and Pilates prior to the birth of my first child, in 2001. Obtaining Yoga Alliance RYT® 200 while living Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where yoga is both challenging for a westerner and intensely focused, and then moving back to the US, I’ve been challenged and grown in practice and training by earning my RYT® 500 and blogging about my experiences as a student and teacher in Houston, Texas.



Melissa Scott

4 Responses to Our Contributors

  1. I just open a new Nutrition and Yoga Studio in Burnsville, North Carolina and offer FREE YOGA classes to the community, as well as workshops and whole food cooking classes. What do I need to do to be put on your website? It is a GREAT resource for both students and teachers!



  2. April Lewis says:

    Hello! I really like this site and was wondering how to get my new yoga studio on here?

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Jkrupcale says:

      Please send us an email with all of information, logo’s and pictures of your new studio and we will gladly add it to our directly. Send the email to yoga@namasteyall.org.