Event Reviews

We all know our practice would not be the same without attending events beyond our favorite weekly yoga classes. Kirtan, master classes, workshops of all types bring us together with new people outside the boundaries of our routine and serve to bring us into that fresh perspective that brighten the present moment!  Come to think of it, we LOVE special events!!! So we want to share the amazing events we attend in this space. Read all about them here.  Better yet, find a workshop near you, go to it and watch your practice soar!

8.9.2010 Girish and Sara Mingus at Northshore Yoga Chattanooga

8.21.2010 Jivamukti Workshop with Andrea Boyd

9.9.2010 Doug Swenson at Jiva Yoga Hilton Head Island

9.19.2010 Global Mala in Savannah: Rockasana with Jeffrey Cohen

11.13.2010 North Shore Yoga Birthday Bash and Kirtan

11.21.2010 Gina Minyard Brings Anusara to Workshops in the Southeast

11.26.2010 Yoginis and Yogis find Gratitude with their Practice on Thanksgiving

11.27.2010 Thanksgiving Partner Yoga with Brantley and Kendall

12.3.2010 Get to Know your Wobbles in Slackline Yoga

12.7.2010 Finding Inner Power for Change with Ashley Turner

1.2.2011 DJ Yoga Party with Mark White

2.5.2011 The Art of Vinyasa Flow with Stephanie Keach

2.19.2011 Conscious Eating with Moses Love and Zeina Smidi

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