Girish/North Shore

Sara and Girish

August 9th 2010 – Girish performs live during Sara Mingus’s power flow class

North Shore Yoga – Chattanooga, TN

How could you possibly go wrong with two of the greatest things in the world: a great flow class with one of the south’s best yoga teachers and the music of Girish?! This event did not disappoint. In Chattanooga, Sara, Girish, and Lori wove together a beautiful tapestry of sound and movement draping it gently across a late summer Monday night.

Girish is no stranger to the South, having spent five years as a monk in an ashram in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. During this time he studied both chanting and the ancient language of Sanskrit. Currently Girish lives in California exploring chant, world and new age music.

Sara Mingus has been teaching her transformative, powerful style of flow classes in Chattanooga, TN for over five years and is the co-owner of North Shore Yoga.  Her classes are always challenging, insightful, inspiring (and packed!)… a perfect partner to the creative energy supplied by live music.

Blended with Sara’s incredible presence as a teacher, Girish provided some 40+ people in Chattanooga with an unforgettable class!  The class opened with Girish playing the harmonium, giving way to his soothing guitar and voice, with beautiful harmonies provided by Chattanooga’s own Lori Bilbrey. They sang both traditional Sanskrit chant and English lyrics, and we recognized many songs from his amazing albums.  As a yoga practitioner, I feel there is no greater practice experience than the organic synergy that forms between great musical talent and a skilled teacher.

I am definitely a fan of live music and yoga. I sincerely hope this becomes a southern yoga tradition. If you missed Girish on this tour, keep your eyes on his website for the next time he makes it back our way! And, if you have not had the opportunity to practice to live music please seek it out and shine like diamonds in the sun y’all!

Lori and Girish

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