Conscious Eating with Moses Love and Zeina Smidi

Mining for phytochemicals

One way or another, yoga will make us all take a close look at our diets. Often it is the rigors of asana that initiates this internal conversation. Maybe you find yourself in a hot flow class just a little too soon after the Indian buffet. Or perhaps you notice greater vitality and energy exactly 37 minutes after consuming one GT’s kombucha and three quarters of one Lara Bar. We have all had our own experiences of food either clashing with or enhancing our physical practice. We shared and explored all of our experiences and relationships with food, diet and yoga during Moses and Zeina’s Conscious Eating Workshop.

Although the conversation took many directions, the clear focus of the workshop wasusing our food to enhance, support and even heal our lives. We learned how to maximize the phytochemical potential of our foods. Phytochemicals are compounds found in plants that are not classified as vitamins or minerals but may have significant

Unlocking the potential of our food.

health benefits. Interestingly, these micro-nutrients are often found in hard to reach spaces. For example, did you know that the most nutritionally active compounds found in an avocado are in its pit? We learned ways to reach and extract such phytonutrients.

Beyond learning techniques to help us get the most out of our food, we discussed the ethics of food production, organic versus conventionally grown produce, diet related pain relief and personal freedom. It is a fact that we all must eat. Likewise, we all have the freedom to distribute our dollars exactly where we choose. We do not have to empty our pockets into the global” big box” machine. In fact, it might be wiser to keep those dollars local supporting products with integrity. We have become so far removed from our food production that many times what actually reaches our table can hardly be referred to as food. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to look a farmer in the eye as you gladly surrender your dollars in exchange for a beautiful, locally grown fruit or vegetable? Isn’t it amazing that the average piece of fruit in the American household has traveled over 1000 miles before reaching our “local” store.

Dietary changes are often difficult to initiate as food is so closely tied in to our emotional centers, but these changes are possible. As Moses and Zeina point out revolution begins subtly, with small change. They present a clear vision for change. Conscious eating is inextricably linked to conscious living. We can distribute our dollars so as to reduce suffering and promote the health of our bodies and our planets ecosystems.

Moses, delivering a phytochemical cocktail.

If you love food and you love feeling great then please take part in this Conscious Eating Workshop as it nears your town or city. A great wealth of information is delivered in a farm fresh fashion!

Our intention is to awaken all those we meet to their gift and their purpose so they can be in action and make a difference in the world. ~ Moses Love

Two yogis traveling with the intention of helping others awaken to their own potential. What could be more beautiful?

Namaste Moses and Zeina and Namaste Y’all.

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