DJ Yoga Party with Mark White

Yogis wait in line for Mark White at SPY's Grand Opening

A friend of mine told me he prepares at least three days in advance for any class taught by Jacksonville Florida’s MBody Yoga Studio founder Mark White. I inquired a bit further, how do you prepare three days in advance for a yoga class? The answer- hydration, rest, and mental preparation. Three days? I found this statement to be incredible, inconceivable even. Three days to prepare for a yoga class! I wasn’t even signed up for a “class”- this thing was supposed to be a yoga party.

I arrived at Savannah Power Yoga, the venue for Mark’s “party”, about an hour early in order to take a few photos and maybe talk with Mark for a few minutes. I was shocked and thrilled to find a throng of southern yogis waiting in line for the class! Not only were people lined up but there was already a waiting list. Fortunately I had registered early online.

Mark White founded MBody Yoga in Jacksonville in 2005. MBody Yoga now has two locations, one in the Southside area of Jacksonville and the other in the Neptune Beach area. The MBody studios are the only two Baptiste affiliate studios in North Florida.

Mark White of MBody & Kate Taylor of SPY

Mark uses the medium of Power Yoga to help people reduce stress, fear, resentment & judgement. Mark’s goal is to enable all people connect with their authentic selves, get in shape and have fun in this, the only present moment.

Fun and energy were definitely the themes of our evening with Mark. The studio was hot, the music was loud, and the prana was flowing and abundant. This class was absolutely appropriate for the beginning of the new year, as Mark delivered the message of commitment to our true potential, our true selves. This wisdom was the gift wrapping around a butt kicking workout. About half way through the party I was thinking maybe I really should have started to hydrate three days in advance (I haven’t sweat like that since July in Savannah). Gradually the incredible intensity decreased, ultimately leaving us all in a blissful savasana. I was high for three hours and sore for three days after the yoga party.

I loved the work-out. Really, what yogi doesn’t love a great burn? But perhaps even more importantly, I came away from the class with a renewed sense of self-empowerment and love for myself and all others. The ability Mark has to channel self confidence to his students is a special and rare gift indeed! It was like a direct conduit to the I Can Factory. I will, without question, be visiting Mbody in the near future for another dose of this self and selfless love. Drippy, sweaty, hot, powerful connection to our source, I love it!

2 Responses to DJ Yoga Party with Mark White

  1. mark white says:

    thank you brantley for being so gracious! i really enjoyed my time in savannah. i look forward to returning, soon! SPY is a magical place.

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