Finding Inner Power for Change with Ashley Turner

Sara Mingus, owner and director of North Shore Yoga, shares the vibe with yoga teacher and psychotherapist Ashley Turner, following a transformative workshop and practice.

Change is in the air this holiday season when you practice with Ashley Turner.  Change for our bodies, our thoughts, our daily habits and tendencies, whatever they may be.

Last night I took a 3-hour master class in Chattanooga with yoga and meditation teacher and mind-body psychotherapist Ashley Turner, M.A., MFTI, which included a dharma talk about the five kleshas, or habits that can hold us back from living our truth.

Presented by North Shore Yoga, we talked about the importance of developing a plan to deal with emotions.

“Those places in our lives that hold us back—where maybe we keep falling, or maybe we become the victim for a little bit—those are the places we want to heal,” said Ashley.

Finding those places can help us take action for change.

Ashley has a private practice in Los Angeles, specializing in Yoga Psychology, an innovative synthesis of psychology, spirituality, yoga and modern science.

On the day of this post, December 7th, her new DVD, Element Yoga DVD’s ‘Yoga for Stress Relief and Flexibility,’ was released and is available for those looking to give yoga as a gift this holiday season.

Last night, we focused on our breath, we focused on our core and we explored some of those places that need healing.

Ashley is also the creator of Element Yoga DVD’s ‘Power Yoga,’ coming in February, 2011.  It is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

She serves as ambassador and spokesperson for Zobha apparel, Manduka yoga products and has custom designed a line of eco-yoga mats for Yogamatic.

Ashley holds a Master’s in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and she serves on the faculty at Kripalu and Loyloa Marymount University’s Yoga Philosophy Program.  She teaches yoga and offers therapy and coaching in Los Angeles.

Visit Ashley’s website for special workshop listings, events and retreats.  Hopefully she will visit us in the southeast again soon!

Visit North Shore Yoga in Chattanooga for more upcoming workshops and classes, hosted by world-class teachers.

2 Responses to Finding Inner Power for Change with Ashley Turner

  1. Namaste, ya’ll!

    Bett…so great to have you in class last night! I LOVE the Chattanooga/North Shore yoga community. I’m so glad you made it over to rock it out with us!

    Remember: when you’re stuck in the ‘seek pleasure/avoid pain’ cycle…CHOOSE to think the opposite (positive) thought:

    pratipaksha bhavanam (yoga sutra 2:33)

  2. Brantley says:

    Ashley sounds like an amazing person and teacher. Next time she is in the Savannah area I will make sure and check out a class! Good post, lots of good info.