Global Mala in Savannah: Rockasana with Jeffrey Cohen

Savannah ROCKED it out for Global Mala in so many ways this year!! This event was beyond words full of good juju, so I don’t know if I can do it justice. But I will try.

First of all, this weekend is the Global Mala Project, a weekend celebrated by yogis across the world each September near the UN’s International Day of Peace. The purpose of Global Mala is to raise awareness about peace, to practice yoga across the borders of our mats and studios, and to practice seva- selfless service- by donating proceeds from yoga events held during this time to a charity of choice.

The charity for this event? Local yoga instructor Dawn Smith was riding her bike home from teaching a class one Saturday afternoon in May, remembers being on her bike, and remembers nothing else before she was being asked by paramedics her name (which she didn’t know) and the day of the week (she answered “March?”). The “bike incident”, as she calls it, became a huge teacher in Dawn’s life (read all about it on her blog!), but left her with a large pile of medical bills. Thanks to the tireless devotion of Kate Taylor, one of Savannah’s leading yoga teachers and coordinator of SATYA (Savannah Area Teachers of Yoga Association), ALL of the proceeds of the practice went directly to Dawn: a local yoga teacher in need. Just being a part of such a direct and beautiful energy exchange was amazing beyond words.

And finally- the asana practice. We were outside in gorgeous downtown Savannah on a bluebird late summer day in Johnson Square. Class was taught by Jeffrey Cohen of Jivamukti Charleston, who donated his time 100% for the cause. Jeffrey’s Rockasana class was a totally inspiring, challenging, upbeat, fast-paced asana class set to classic rock-n-roll tunes. Jeffrey’s energy perfectly fit the cause and the day. Immediately he had us out of our boxes, getting down to the real business of connection: hugging each other, dancing, and laughing. By the time we got down to the real business of asana practice, we were already open, smiling, crying tears of joy, feeling the connection in our hearts. The class was fun and challenging and awakening all at once (with amazing assists by Jeffrey and his assistant Mark Knowles).

This event left me feeling so much gratitude for yoga. For Savannah and for the amazing yogis I have met here so far. For community small and large and for the connection I feel to all things when I practice yoga. Thank you, Savannah! Thank you to all the inspiring people who made this happen: Jeffrey Cohen, Kate Taylor, Dawn Smith, Lynne McSweeney, Brent Martin, The Yoga Co-op, Savannah Yoga Center, The Yoga Room, Bikram Yoga Savannah, and everyone who was there and whose energy made this wonderful day happen. Namaste, y’all.

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