Jivamukti Workshop with Andrea Boyd at Yoga One Charlotte

Kendall with Andrea after the class

Andrea Boyd is a truly gifted, deeply present instructor and Yoga One in Charlotte NC just pulses with life.  So I jumped on the opportunity to practice with such a beautiful, grounded teacher in such a vibrant, rootsy setting.

The class was amazing, as Jivamukti classes always are!  Such a perfect balance between spiritual and physical practice, with amazing hands-on adjustments.  Andrea’s teachings that night centered around the yamas and we opened by chanting them together in Sanskrit with her harmonium, setting a powerful vibe that lingered throughout the entire class. The practice was perfectly challenging and (as promised) left my heart 3 sizes bigger! Definitely hit the reset button after a day surfing the challenges of life on the road with the littles.

Yoga One is bursting with love, brilliant visual images of color and reminders everywhere of why we really practice and how important our yoga community is. For me it was a perfect venue for Andrea’s class!

If you haven’t checked out a Jivamukti practice, I highly recommend that you do.  We are so lucky here in the southeast to have an amazing Jivamukti school of yoga, Andrea’s own studio in Charleston, SC.  Visit it here and visit it for real, soon.  And if you have never been to Yoga One in Charlotte… just please go!

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