Thanksgiving Partner Yoga with Brantley and Kendall Inspires Quality Time and the Comfort of a Strong Foundation with our Loved Ones

Partners support each other at Brantley and Kendall's Thanksgiving workshop, hosted by North Shore Yoga.

The quality of the time we spend with the people that we love so much will be reciprocated in our hearts over and over again when we are open to giving, supporting and receiving.  You can find and strengthen your foundation with your loved one, parent, child or friend at Brantley and Kendall’s Partner Yoga Workshops.

Yoginis and yogis gathered at North Shore Yoga in Chattanooga, TN this Thanksgiving weekend to reinforce those bonds and open their hearts to what is possible when they have each other.

Partners, family and friends learn how to breathe together.

I went to assist, take some photos and just observe the aliveness in the room that afternoon.  The expansion of heart energy that seemed to flower in each posture was somewhat overpowering yet so welcome at the same time.

Ever tried a simple forward fold with the weight of your loved one on top of you for support, breathing together for a gentle deepening?  What about the classic Navasana (Boat Pose) with your partner’s feet pressed into yours, holding one another’s arms to help you both lift your hearts towards each other?

Setting the foundation for Thanksgiving in partner yoga.

Indeed, having each other is something wonderful to be thankful for.

It might even be just supporting your partner in an easy, seated posture, back to back, gently syncing the cadence of what is now one breath.  And then there’s the beat of one heart.

Or maybe your partner or friend can help you fly.  Is that possible?  A room full of partners, friends and family in Chattanooga now know that it is.  Brantley and Kendall will show you how.

Seated partner flying.

No experience is necessary.  Maybe half the room was new to yoga, and quite a few experienced practitioners were still novices in partner yoga.  With Brantley and Kendall as your guides, you and your partner will learn to teach each other.  Imagine what could happen next.

Supported partner flying.

It was quite a vibe in the studio this weekend.  What a way to find gratitude for those we love.

Check out Brantley and Kendall’s upcoming workshops at Kendall’s website.  And visit North Shore Yoga for some of Chattanooga’s most exciting yoga classes, including upcoming partner classes with Brantley and Kendall.

Teach each other how to fly in partner yoga.

3 Responses to Thanksgiving Partner Yoga with Brantley and Kendall Inspires Quality Time and the Comfort of a Strong Foundation with our Loved Ones

  1. brantley says:

    Cool, thanks Bett!

  2. maggie says:

    WAHOOOOO yoga together!
    so sorry i had to miss this one! keep rocking it throughout the southeast!

  3. Raleigh Rodger says:

    oooohhhhhh that looks like a great time!!! Wish I could have joined in the special partner time!! Nice work B&K!