Featured Instructors

As the number of yoga instructors in the southeast has grown exponentially in the past ten years, we are surrounded by so many gifted teachers. Some of them are internationally renowned, but many of them are hidden gems.  It is our intention to provide a space here to highlight the gifts of them all – from the famous to the underground. To share them with a broader audience, and give our traveling readers inspiration to take some of their classes. If you know of a truly gifted instructor you would like to see on Namaste Y’all, please drop us a line telling us who, why, and where they teach. We would love to profile your favorites.

November 2010: Jennymac Merrill; ClearSpring Yoga, Chattanooga, TN

November 2010: Lisa McBryde; North Shore Yoga, Chattanooga, TN

December 2010: Sarah Faircloth, Sangati Yoga and Massage, Charlotte, NC

January 2011: Melissa Scott, The Yoga Circle, Birmingham AL

February 2011: Brent Martin, The Yoga Co-Op and Savannah Power Yoga, Savannah GA

February 2011: All Together Now with Zuddhi Yoga, Chattanooga TN

April 2011: Daniel Prince; Clearspring Yoga, Chattanooga TN

June 2011: Alex Paraskevas, YogaChai, Washington D.C.


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