Sean Johnson

Devaloka – Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band

Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band consists of Sean Johnson (vocals, harmonium, and beat box), Gwendolyn Colman (all kinds of rad percussion and vocals), and Alvin Young (guitars).

This self produced work offers a wide variety of tunes and textures.  Devaloka explores polyethnic rhythms and back-beats dabbling in funk and jazz which is nothing new to this New Orleans kirtan power trio.  I recently saw the Wild Lotus live show (highly recommended) in Savannah GA and immediately purchased Devaloka.  To my joy I found much of the same incredible energy from the show distilled into this great album.

Devaloka is uplifting and relaxing at the same time.  Imagine if Krishna Das and The Funky Meters teamed up on some tunes you might get a sound similar to The Wild Lotus Band.  But why try to box this talented group in, they are a bold and refreshing face in Kirtan style music.

This album is great for asana practice or yoga class if you are a teacher.  If you love this work as much as me you will be sure to pick up its predecessor, Calling the Spirits. Also, if you happen to be in the Big Easy, don’t forget to swing by the Wild Lotus Studio for a class!

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