Putumayo Presents Yoga

Yoga – A Putumayo Compilation

Yoga is Putumayo World Music’s latest genre compilation. Throughout the rich history of yoga, music in one form or another has always been a strong element in this tradition. We see this musical connection in kirtan, chanting of mantra, and the practice of bhakti yoga. In fact, the ancient sanskrit term Nada Brahma translates as “sound is God”.

Yoga brings together the music of fourteen different contemporary yoga music artists in one wonderful collection. Featured artists include Wah, Krishna Das, and the South’s own Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band. All of the tracks on this CD are acoustic and feature myriad of instrumentation ranging from traditional to contemporary.

This entire compilation maintains a soothing mellowness from beginning to end. Many of the songs, although familiar, have been rearranged to embody a  tranquil, meditative quality. All of the tracks on Yoga are perfect for any yoga class or meditation. They all reflect devotion and praise.

This CD represents an incredible fusion of many great artists uniting in song and bhakti. All of the liner notes on Yoga were written by Sean Johnson and include a glossary of yoga terms designed to help foster a greater understanding of the practice of yoga. We are here to love God and love one another. Yoga will bring you peace at any time of the day. This compilation is a fantastic addition to the marvelous Putumayo series. I heartily recommend the purchase of Yoga, you will not be disappointed.

4 Responses to Putumayo Presents Yoga

  1. Kendall says:

    I love this CD!

  2. Brantley says:

    Very nice. A great mellow mix!

  3. Betterton Wallace says:

    What a fantastic mix of artists to practice bhakti yoga with … great review, thank you!

  4. Beverly says:

    Hurray! I love the Putumayo compilations and did not yet know about this one. Thanks for sharing!