Deva Premal

Embrace – Deva Premal

Embrace was released by Prabhu Music in 2002. If you have attended any flow yoga classes since then, you have most likely heard and been inspired by tracks from this album. The songs range in emotion fit to accompany vigorous flow sequences all the way to savasana. All vocals are beautifully performed by Deva Premal and Miten (with special guest Jai Uttal on Om Ram Ramaya).

Deva Premal is a yoga music collection staple and Embrace is a perfect introduction to this music. Incredible ancient textures and rhythms of the tablas, sitar and bansuri are woven seamlessly with the contemporary sounds of the acoustic and pedal steel guitars.

Deva Premal has been practicing all of these mantras for most of her life, which is evident by her complete embodiment of the music. When I listen to Embrace I am filled with a combination of sacred prayer, stillness, and great energy simultaneously. This soothing invigoration keeps the album active in my rotation. The kirtan harmonies are very grounding and transcend this contemporary era. The tradition in this music is clear but allowed plenty of room for joyful play and experimentation.

If you are in the mood for beautiful music created by a beautiful soul, do yourself a favor and download a copy of Embrace from iTunes. When you do, check out the liner notes for personal commentary and translation of all the mantras. I love it!

Shree Ram, Y’all!

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