I Heart Yoga Pants (especially this pair!)

If you haven’t stumbled across the Girls In Yoga Pants guys on Twitter or FB or YouTube, then you are not aware that there is now a website dedicated to covertly documenting yogi derrieres in spandex.  Is it sexist?  Probably.  Is it childish?  Definitely.  Is it funny?  Well, kind of!  I found a parody video of theirs recently and showed it to my husband.  He asked me about their website.  I explained, “Well, people use their cell phones or cameras to take snapshots of girls in yoga pants and post it on their site.  You know, because everyone wears them all over the place now?  Not just in yoga class.  It’s supposed to be funny, I think.”  Reid’s face gets serious, “You realize you’re probably on that site.”  I am indignant, “What?!  I don’t wear yoga pants EVERYWHERE.”  As the words leave my lips, I realize this is a lie.  I do.  I wear them everyday and I wear them everywhere.  I used to carry a change of clothes to yoga class.  Then I started teaching more often (at one point I taught 7 days a week).  I gave up and was living in yoga pants.  And I did notice the leering looks from creepy guys at the video store or the disapproving glances from other moms as I led my daughter through the grocery store in my stretchy uniform.  And while it has become more commonplace to wear yoga pants almost anywhere, it’s not a fashion statement I enjoy making.

I was on the hunt for a pair of pants that would get me through a challenging power yoga class at the studio to the real world destinations on my errand list without a costume change.  My quest is over, I have found my wear-everywhere, super functional and still super cute yoga pants that will hopefully NOT inadvertantly land me on a pervy website dedicated to butt photos.  Be Present Agility Pants are my salvation.

So, what makes them awesomely functional without being skeezy?  It’s the fabric and the cut combined.  The pants look almost like a twill but they aren’t.  (Their website calls it: BREATHE WEAVEâ„¢ COLLECTION: woven fabric with moderate stretch – lightweight blend of 62% cotton/34% nylon/4% spandex)  They skim the body but don’t squeeze it.  I was a bit skeptical when I first saw them.  I pictured myself folding into standing splits and hearing a rip as the pants resisted my attempt to raise my leg toward the sky.  I was dead wrong.  The fabric will stretch easily and then resume its original shape as soon as the stretch is over.  Also, they dry super fast!  I practice Power Flow in an humid 90 degree room crowded alongside 30 like-minded nut jobs whose idea of a great Saturday morning is dripping sweat for ninety minutes while breathing as loudly as possible.  (We actually pay for the privilege of doing this!)  The pants were thoroughly sweaty after my session last Saturday but I was in a hurry to grab a bite of lunch before my next class so I splashed my face with water, sprayed on some extra deodorant and pulled my hair into a bun.  I was off…and within 5 minutes, my pants were dry!

Aside from the high-tech fabric, these pants have an amazing cut.  The drawstring waist makes it easy to adjust and they hit at the perfect spot just below the belly button but not TOO low.  The low back has a gorgeous embroidered lotus flower that is a sterling improvement over my poorly thought out low back dragon tattoo from 1998.  The good news is that the pants cover my permanent mark of bad judgment perfectly!  They are ankle length which prevents tripping and allows my students to see my ankles during class demonstrations.  Pants that are too long make it difficult to show the class subtle anatomical points in the feet in certain postures so these Agility pants are well designed for teaching. They also have slits on the backs of the calves which give a ton of freedom of movement.  There are some other aesthetic benefits like the color selection and slight flare which flatters most body types.

I also got to test drive a really cute Easy Cami top.  Again, the fabric was top knotch. Wicking and fast drying.  Fully adjustable straps (thank you!) and no shelf bra so you can wear your favorite sports bra underneath.  Again, the colors are vibrant and current and I really liked the blousy cut at the waist and the gathered fabric at the neck line.  I would wear this top outside of yoga class as well.  I have worn it, several times now!

There is another point I’d like to make about Be Present clothing.  I am proud to wear it because their company’s policies and philosophies are in line with my own beliefs.  They design and sell a high quality product that is fashion forward and highly functional and they do it with integrity.  Their clothes are made in the USA, not in a 3rd world factory by underpaid workers suffering from human rights violations.  And that matters.  A LOT.  Yoga is an industry; it has a business side.  And that is totally fine, why shouldn’t it?  But there are ethical ways to conduct business and then there is a “bottom dollar” mentality that puts profits before people (or animals or the planet or just about anything else).  We are living in interesting times indeed and one of the ways we can use our power and effect change is to vote with our pocketbook.  I feel good about supporting Be Present as a company that holds its values high and builds its business around them.  Their products kick ass in every regard so check them out.  As yogis, we should try to be authentic even in our purchases.  Be Present makes awesome gear at a fair price that will leave your conscience clear.

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