Namaste Yoga Studio

23606 State Road 54

Lutz, FL  33559

Phone:(813) 505-1850

Hatha yoga, Hot yoga, Core yoga, Flow yoga, Pilates (New York Style).  In addition to yoga classes, Namaste Yoga also offers Swedish and deep tissue massage.




Stillpoint Yoga

15945 North Florida Avenue

Lutz, FL  33688

Phone: (831) 751-5135

Ashtanga, Flow, Gentle, Meditation, Quiet Inner Yoga.  Workshops and Yoga Dinners.



Sun Yoga

Tampa’s newest studio is a bright new addition to Lutz! I visited Sun Yoga during the first annual Rasa-Lila festival in April 2011 and talked with Deb, studio owner. Her intention in building the studio was to create a beginner-friendly environment, a place where people new to yoga feel safe and welcome.  She has definitely succeeded in creating her intention. From the bright sunny building that houses the studio to the meditative view out the back window, Sun Yoga feels welcoming and embracing.

This photo hardly does justice to the surprisingly gorgeous view out the studio's back window.

The studio offers a variety of classes, including Fundamentals for beginners, flow and power for those desiring a more vigorous practice, hatha for all levels, and yin. The studio also offers the only Yoga Sculpt classes in Tampa- a practice combining yoga with light weights.

Sun Yoga is a testament to the connecting power of Yoga Tampa Bay. It was through this community website that Deb and her instructors found each other, and from what I saw at Sun Yoga, they make a wonderful team. Owner Deb attended the flow class I took from Jeannine Timmins, and just chatting with them after class, I could definitely feel the unity of their mission and intentions when it comes to teaching yoga.

Words of inspiration line the wall just above the baseboard at Sun Yoga, perfect for drishti in so many asanas

The space itself is loaded with unique personal touches, but simple in a really good way, with no pretentions. Every detail is thoughtful and lovingly placed, from the cubbies built by Deb and her husband, to the stenciled words above the studio baseboard (perfect drishti focus, by the way!)

Studios – One studio capable of holding 25+ practitioners.

Amenities – One roomy single restroom. Nice and clean, may be used as a changing room as well.

Flooring – Laminate

Bodywork – N/A



Deb and her husband designed and built the inside of the studio themselves.



Childcare – N/A

Store – none

Parking – plenty of parking in the lot out front. Studio is in a small, one-story business center with parking for all businesses in the front.

Vibe – Peaceful and welcoming, warm. Refreshingly simple practice space with many thoughtful touches but no pretentions.


Sun Yoga

19026 Geraci Road

Lutz, FL  33548

Phone: (813) 471-7064


5 Responses to Lutz

  1. Mary says:

    Sun Yoga is never open. I went there yesterday for a class at the correct, scheduled time, and nobody was there. Then, I went a day later, and the same thing happend. Make sure to call ahead before you go because they are unreliable.

  2. Holly says:

    They just recently changed their class times. Make sure you have their new schedule. Sun Yoga has a awesome yoga sculpt class and Kate is good with newbies!

  3. Dee says:

    The doors are always open when I go for classes! On the rare occasion they have rescheduled classes, the changes are well posted. Love the staff, the space and the location!