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No matter what your story is, you’re welcome at Ember Hot Yoga.  The staff and students invite you in like you’ve been here before, even if it’s a first visit.  And then there’s a 4,400 sq ft  studio to call home.  Ember is an amazing place to study, practice and keep coming back to.

Located in downtown Woodstock, Georgia–a  small, historic town just north of Atlanta that was originally a stop on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad–Ember was designed to create a space that ‘naturally lifts the heart, and welcomes and encourages yoga students of all levels.’

The Zen studio at Ember presents open space for all who seek it.

You’ll find your southern yoga community practicing here in two bright, commodious and stunning studios, which feature a variety of classes on the schedule.

In the Hot Studio, you’ll find classes like Ember’s Hot Sequence, Hot Core Power and Hot Vinyasa.  We’re talking about a state of the art heating system and space, with just the right amount of air flow and constant, warm temperatures.  Get ready to sweat with the right conditions at Ember.

On the wall of the Hot Studio, there is a quote from Dharma Mittra: “Everything is perfect and nothing is permanent.”  What a tribute to our experience in this life and how we change from one moment to the next, even during just one yoga practice.

The Zen Room presents a space that is perfect for seated meditation.  Peace is the feeling as the sun’s rays fill this extraordinary place to play and grow.  Here, we find Ashtanga and Dharma yoga, as well as children’s yoga, restorative yoga and mat Pilates.

Visit Ember Hot Yoga in downtown Woodstock, GA.

This gorgeous yoga studio is also home to some pretty awesome special series and workshops.  Check their schedule for details and your schedule too so you can drop in and feel the love at Ember, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Studios: 2 that you’ll never forget … and you’re always welcome back.

Hot Studio Classes: Hot Power Reggae, Hot Power Power Hour, Hot Sequence, Hot Flow Candlelit.

Don't forget the boutique on the way to class ...

Zen Room Classes: Ashtanga, Dharma, Kids, Tweens (7-11), Kundalini, Restorative, Prenatal, Vinyasa.

Childcare: Available during certain classes.  Check the Ember schedule for details.

Amenities: Men’s and women’s locker rooms with state of the art, enormous walk-in showers.

Flooring: Wood/laminate.

Find your space in the Hot studio at Ember.

Parking: Plenty of parking spaces, but it’s a busy area, so give yourself time to walk around, find the studio and set up for class.

Boutique: Fantastic selection.  You can also visit the store on the website.

Vibration: Come on in and stay for a while at Ember.  If you need to relax, there’s something here for you.  Bring your children to their yoga classes, or enjoy your class while they’re well taken care of.  And if you need to sweat, you’ll find a great spot at an Ember class.  It’s a beautiful place that truly welcomes all of us.

Ember Hot Yoga has all of the amenities.

Ember Hot Yoga

330 Chambers Street

Woodstock, GA  30188

Phone: (770) 485-5583



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