Asheville has its own yoga directory here but read what we have to say anyway!

Asheville Yoga Center

(Disclaimer: I am a little biased when it comes to this yoga studio, but I will do my best to remain objective.)  The center is a prolific little space on the corner of Chestnut and West Liberty Streets, churning out gobs and gobs of love and almost as many teacher trainees and students of yoga.  You enter the rear of the building into a boutique and reception area.  There is a water fountain here with filtered water, two restrooms, and the boutique expands downstairs into the basement.  The practice room is separated from the reception area by a wall and a door that closes once class begins.  The practice space is not huge but magically transforms to easily fit 40-some (maybe 50 or more?  Like I said, magic…) people with mats very snug.  There are beautiful windows that fully steam up with prana once class begins.

The Asheville Yoga Center offers a variety of flow classes, Anusara, Kundalini, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, gentle, Kids, and Yin yoga.  Some classes are heated; check the website to find out which ones.  AYC also houses the longest standing, most popular teacher trainings in the south (Yoga Alliance certified), led by the amazing Stephanie Keach.  The 200-hour RYT trainings are offered several times a year, as a 9-month course or a 3-week intensive, and are offered in other locations around the southeast as well.  AYC also offers a 500-hour Advanced studies training that can take as little as 18 months or as long as 5 years, depending upon the time you have to devote to the program.

AYC gets fantastic workshops and teacher trainings, many of them from teachers involved in the 200 or 500 hour teacher training, but many others as well.  Plans are underway to build a new center down the street.  Read their blog to stay updated on the progress of the new studio and just to find lots of good stuff.

Studio: 1 large studio.    

Amenities: 2 private restrooms, water fountain with filtered water.

Flooring: Wood/laminate.

Bodywork: N/A

Childcare: N/A

Store: Extensive boutique carrying clothing, music, books, props, mats and more.  Usually carries all of the books used in the trainings, which is a lot!

Parking: There are a few spots out front (there are signs that tell you which businesses NOT to park in front of), but ample street parking down Liberty in either direction.  Never had a problem with parking.

Vibration: Warm and vibrant, humming with Shakti.  This is yoga home for many people, and you feel it the minute you walk in the door.  Love, love love.

2 locations:

239 South Liberty Street

Asheville NC  28801


31 Carolina Lane

Asheville NC  28801




Bikram Yoga Asheville

802 Fairview Rd, Suite 800

Asheville, NC  28803

At least 3 Bikram classes offered per day, 7 days a week.




Lighten Up

60 Biltmore Ave

Asheville, NC

Phone: (828) 254-7756

In buisness since 1981 and founded by Lillah Swartz, Lighten Up offers alignment-based yoga, yoga after 50, general back care, easy does it, core strength yoga, Jivamukti, and Yin/Restorative.  Classes 7 days a week.




One Center Yoga

120 Coxe Ave, Suite 3A

Asheville, NC  28801

Phone: (828) 225-1904

Iyengar and Iyengar-based classes, as well as Kundalini (6 week series), Women over 50, Take it Easy, Core Strengthening, Low Stress, and Wake-Up yoga.  Classes offered 7 days a week.


West Asheville Yoga

West Asheville Yoga is a fantastic neighborhood yoga studio.  The studio consists of one large space that has been divided into entry, studio, and a back section housing a restroom and sink area (filtered water available).  The back section has a few great windows that can be viewed from the studio.  The decor is very subtle and soothing.

West Asheville yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes, including Jivamukti, Anusara and flow.  All of West Asheville Yoga’s teachers have completed 200 hour certification programs as a minimum standard.

The studio often hosts a wide variety of workshops and events ranging from kirtan, mantra, meditation, and asana workshops.  West Ashvillagers are very fortunate to have this gem!

Studios – 1 large studio able to support 30 practitioners.

Amenities – 1 small restroom (one person, unisex), 1 sink, filtered water.

Flooring – laminate.

Bodywork – N/A

Childcare – N/A

Store – Small, maybe just mats?

Parking – Mostly street parking, could be limited at times, but always within a couple of blocks.

Vibration – Very rootsy, positive, sort of groovy, in a way that is dedicated to the groove.

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