The Glowing Body

This life is happening just as it is, indescribable at times, yet some say it’s glowing.  Can you feel it?  If you’re around Knoxville, TN, nearby or just dropping in or drifting on—do you have the time to stop for a moment?  Do you know it from within?

Knoxville’s Glowing Body studio—it’s definitely happening here.  Classes at this yoga school are more like a pilgrimage to some sacred place where you find out once again that yoga is born from the heart.

Just north of Knoxville’s ‘Old City’ neighborhood, Glowing Body makes her home in an area the Cherokee once called the ‘kuwanda’talun’yi,’ which means ‘Mulberry Place.’  In the neighborhood now called ‘Happy Hollow,’ you’ll find this luminous sanctuary tucked away on Irwin Street, split between Central and Broadway and, uh, yes, you will tell your friends about this local treasure.  I’m still talking about Glowing Body’s magnificent studios, God beams shining through high-vaulted skylights on immaculate bamboo floors and the blank spots, unexplained as of yet, left in my mind.

You walk in and you know her, and there you were all along: yoga, life, breath, and a kula for support.  People that shine, practicing in a studio that shimmers with grace in the big mystery—this is focus at its finest.

It’s also yoga instruction and facilities at its finest.  Supporting you in backbends, forward bends, shoulder stretches, inversions and more, Glowing Body’s Ropes Wall allows one to develop the basics in yoga postures before moving on to upper level classes, yet also providing advanced students an opportunity to take their practice even deeper.

With classes like ‘Connection to Yoga,’ which offers a moving prayer to God via the Christian perspective, the diversity of choices here stretches from Hot Power Yoga to Yoga Foot Reflexology and Energy Healing.  And don’t miss the Round Rug Music Series that brings local and traveling artists to the Glowing Body for donation-based concerts.

It’s not just the beautiful skylights that make this place glow.  When you leave here, you take it with you, and then at some point, you realize that it was you all along.  The studio provides the expert instruction and space—the heart is up to you.  This is a definite stop for yoga aficionados and beginners alike.

Classes: Flow, Hot Flow, Hot Power Yoga, Community Classes, Gentle, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Vinyasa, Yin, Vinyasa, Prenatal, Connection to Yoga (Christian perspective) Privates.  Zazen Meditation.

Wellness, Bodywork and Nutrition: Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage with Erik Andelman.  Acupuncture and Massage with Joel Packard.  Nutrition Counseling with Nicole Fey.  Yoga Foot Reflexology and Energy Healing with Ajeet.  Click here for more information.

Teacher Training: On-site teacher training offering Intensive or Integrative course formats, taught by Glowing Body Teacher Training Director Kelly Golden, that will endow you with an expansive knowledge of the many aspects of asana and yoga philosophy so that you can share these gifts with the world.

Studios/Flooring: Two heart-warming, natural sky-lit rooms with bamboo flooring, complimented by the brick from the original warehouse that is now home to Knoxville’s haven for self-study and awakening.  Also featuring a first-class Ropes Wall.

The common area at Glowing Body.

Amenities: Men’s and Women’s bathrooms, massage room.  The common area includes handmade artisan tables, stained concrete floor and a skylight for that ‘glowing’ effect throughout the studio.

Boutique: You’ll find yoga, food and wellness products at The Glowing Body.  Offering mats, bolsters, blankets and exclusive Glowing Body shirts, you’ll also discover books on yoga and other topics, as well as organic coffee.  Jade, Kulae, Manduka, JulieApple, Hugger Mugger are just a few of the brands for sale here.

Vibration: Yes, it actually does glow here.  Welcome to your school of heart and asana, with a community that radiates from a love of yoga.  You’ll be beaming from your visit and maybe a little forgetful of life’s problems, even for just a few moments.

The Glowing Body

711 Irwin Street

Knoxville, TN  37917

Phone: (865) 545-4088



Gypsy Hands Healing Arts Center

701 North Central Street

Knoxville, TN  37917

Phone: (865) 522-5829

Practicing healing traditions from around the world.  Spiritual counseling, reiki, bodywork, astrology, yoga.




Knoxville Yoga Center

8705 Unicorn Drive # C-304

Knoxville, TN  37923

Phone: (865) 694-0101

Fitness yoga, Iyengar style hatha yoga.



Yoga Haven

12 Forest Court

Bearden, TN  37919

Phone: (865) 621-5301

Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga.


Independent Yoga Teachers Serving the Knoxville Area

Pam’s Yoga in Knoxville

Phone: (865) 591-3281

Sivananda yoga taught at a variety of locations in Knoxville.

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