DREAM YOGA STUDIO & Wellness Center

1485 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 104

McLean, VA  22101

Phone: (703) 448-YOGA (9642)

Yoga for Kids, Deep Practice workshops, Kripalu-style Dynamic Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Good Morning Yoga, Yoga Basics for Beginners, Meditation, The Five Tibetans, Laughter Yoga, Partner Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Boomers and Beyond, Yoga Dance, Yoga for Teens, Yogalates, Yoga Nidra.  Kripalu tradition teacher training available.




Hot Yoga Bikram Tysons

How hot does this sound: How about a first-rate Bikram studio in the heart of McLean, Virginia, at Tysons’ Corner, part of the wider D.C. Metro area, offering 40 classes per week in an expansive, clean and totally green space?

There are over 500 Bikram studios worldwide, but Tysons promises quite an experience.  As always, the 90-minute sequence is performed in a 105-degree room with 40% humidity, preventing illness, healing injuries and promoting weight loss and detoxification.  Find muscle tone, flexibility, vibrancy, and well-being with the Bikram Tysons community.

If that doesn’t cover it all, picture one large and one smaller but spacious studio designed with a carbon footprint of 9K.  Bikram Tysons features state-of-the-art, energy efficient heating, humidity and ventilation systems, ultra-efficient insulation and lighting, and recycled anti-bacterial flooring.  Protecting the body and the earth is paramount here, as the studio employs an extensive recycling program and green towel service.

The large studio at Bikram Tysons is 2,000 sq ft and can hold quite a few yogis.

Just as Bikram Choudhury healed his own severe knee injury with this practice, leading him to develop the 26 postures that compose the beginning Bikram sequence, students are encouraged to just do the practice and let it work.

Studios/Flooring: Two fabulous, sterile, mirrored Hot Rooms (2,000 sq ft and 600 sq ft), complimented with an energy efficient heat system, steam humidifier system and antimicrobial flooring to eliminate toxins, bacteria, mold and mildew.  UVC air sanitizers get rid of odors and airborne bacteria.  And CO2 sensors allow for proper levels of fresh air while you practice.  The weather is just right at Hot Yoga Bikram Tysons.

Emma, a student and assistant at Bikram Tysons, demonstrates Dandayamana-Dhanurasana, the Standing Bow Pose, in the smaller studio at Hot Yoga Bikram Tysons which boasts antimicrobial flooring.

Amenities: Large changing rooms with multiple showers for men and women.

Classes: Over 40 classes per week.  Privates, advanced, power and kids yoga are available.  All instructors are certified by Bikram’s Yoga College of India.  Special events like silent Bikram yoga and kirtans are often on the schedule.

Breathe with new friends at Hot Yoga Bikram Tysons.

Boutique: Everything from water bottles to clothing, mats, zico and music.  Mat rentals and towel service are available.

Parking: Parking outside can get full during weekdays.

Vibration: Community, community, community.  One student said she loves her home away from home.  Instructors are curious about where you’re from and what your Bikram experience is.  They’re ready to help you on this journey.  Bikram Tysons is a place to turn that corner in your life and revolutionize how you heal yourself.






Hot Yoga Bikram Tysons

1420 Spring Hill Rd, Suite 130

McLean, Virginia  22102

Phone: (703) 854-1611





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