Mybodyoga Spa

309 Mill Street

Occoquan, VA  22125

Phone: (703) 494-Yoga

Gentle Yoga, Foundations, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, Level 1, Power Yoga, Yoga for everyBODY, Hot Yoga, Yoga and Meditation, Mommy and Baby Yoga, Going with the Flow, Yoga Props, Balancing Act, Pre-natal, Yoga for Back Care, Yoga for Kids.




Soaring Spirit Yoga

308A Poplar Alley

Occoquan, VA  22125

Phone: (703) 499-9114

Beginner Flow and Vinyasa, Yin/Yang Mix, Expanded Vinyasa, Lunch Yoga, Yoga Fundamentals, Hatha flow, Hot Yoga, Open to All, Restore and Renew, Pre-Natal, Yoga Groove, Mom and Baby, Sunrise Yoga, Stretch and Condition.


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